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When ‘Star Trek’ actor, ‘Bones’ creator share love of ‘The Walking Dead’

The “The Walking West” actor and creator of the popular zombie series, Robert Kirkman, is the latest “Star Trek” writer and actor to share his love for the popular TV show.

Kirkman told the Associated Press on Wednesday that he was inspired to create a series based on the popular “Walking Dead” comic book series because he loved the way the show portrays zombies.

“I’m obsessed with ‘Walking West’ and how they portray the world of zombies,” Kirkman said in an interview with AP.

“I thought that was so fun to do.”

The “Waking Life” author, who also directed “Bones,” told the AP that he also liked the show’s portrayal of the people who live in the show.

“That’s why I think the zombie series was so important,” Kirkland said.

“The characters on the show are so real and they are the ones who make that reality.”

The Walking East author, “Bran,” and “Fargo” writer, “Penny Dreadful” author and “Game of Thrones” author Robert Jordan shared similar sentiments when they spoke with AP about the show and the characters they love.

“It’s so fun when I can write my own characters, I can do what I want,” Jordan said.

“Walking with Dinosaurs” star and “Gotham” creator Bruno Heller also shared that he’s been a fan of “The Dead” since he first saw the show during his youth.

“The Dead,” which runs on AMC from the BBC, is set in New York City during the 1960s, and has been a favorite series of the AMC network since the series debuted on ABC in 2007.

In addition to Kirkman and Heller, “Star Wars” creator George Lucas and “Starz” writer-producer Jason Shiga also recently shared their love for “The West” series.

“Star Wars: The Old Republic” star Garth Ennis and “Wizards of Waverly Place” author Michelle Forbes both have a few words of advice for fans of the show: Watch the show!

“The Walking.”