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Worn dress sparks online debate over sparkly dress

A red wedding dress from the ’90s, inspired by the ’80s Disney princess, sparkles like a Christmas tree, while the blue dress, which has a more traditional wedding look, is a far cry from the current trend.

The dress is a mix of two colors, with the bright blue dress seen above and the orange wedding dress seen below. 

The dress was spotted on Instagram by an unnamed woman on Saturday, which prompted an online discussion about sparkly gowns.

One woman wrote, “I’m not a big fan of sparkly wedding dresses.

I think they look pretty boring.”

Another said, “It’s just too much white, like it’s just there.”

Others chimed in, “The sparkly color doesn’t really help anything, but I do think it’s a great look.”

According to the blog, this year’s dress was inspired by a Disney princess costume from the 1990s.

The inspiration for the red wedding gown is said to have stemmed from the princess outfit, which featured a princess dress, red hair, and a princess tiara.

It also featured red, white, and blue sparkly decorations.

The blue dress is seen below and is inspired by another Disney princess outfit from the early ’90ers.

The red dress has more traditional looks, but is more sparkly. 

Another woman wrote on Instagram, “My mom’s favorite Disney princess dress was the purple one with the red hair.”

The sparkles in the red dress are said to be a reflection of the red-and-white princess outfit seen below, but the red tiara and the red bodice are a different color.

The bride, however, does not wear a red wedding ring, which is a tradition for the princesses.

The tiara, however was not on the dress.

The bride wore a tiara with red bangles, and the bride did not wear white bangles on her wedding day.

The white dress was a homage to the original ’80’s Disney princesses, which were featured in many Disney films.