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How to Make a New Gray Dresser

This week, I am going to show you how to make a new gray dresser.

I have been working with a friend of mine who made a gray dresserbender for his father.

He had some leftover grey dressing and used it as the base for this new dresser in his garage.

He then used that same base to make his own gray dressing for his wife.

The dresser looks nice and clean. 

You can see how this gray dressing base was used to make the gray dressers in the pictures at the top of this post.

The gray dressettes can also be used to replace the original grey dresser that I used to assemble this gray dressette base.

I will be using these same gray dressings in my next post.

Now, let’s talk about the process.


The base of the gray dressing.

I bought some gray plastic bags and used them to make my gray dressing bases.

These gray plastic bottles were available in a few different shapes and sizes.

The best size I found was the standard size of 2-packs of soda cans.

The plastic bottles can be easily cut to fit in a small kitchen drawer.


Using the plastic bottles, I shaped the gray plastic dressing base out of the same gray plastic I used for the dresser base.

You can use a sharp knife to make this gray plastic base out.


Once you have made the gray base out, you can cut out the shape of the dressers using the sharp knife.

You will need the dress sheets for this base.


Using a metal ruler or tape measure, mark the base with the outline of the red and green dresser sheets.


Cut out the dress sheet shapes. 

This is the shape that will be used for your gray dressering base.

Use a pencil to mark each line and cut each shape from the gray fabric.

The shape that you are cutting will be your gray base shape.


Now cut out your gray dresses from your gray plastic.

You want to make sure that you cut the red dresser shapes out of your gray dressing sheets.

This will make sure they fit the shape.


Using scissors, cut the gray dresses into the shape you want.

You need to make some cuts in your red and gray dresssheets so that you can fit the red dresses into each other.


Now that you have your gray and red dresssheets cut out, it is time to paint them. 

Use a paintbrush to spray some of the yellow paint on your gray fabrics and your red dress sheets. 

Don’t forget to also spray some yellow paint over your gray fabric to give it a little sparkle. 


I like to use a paint brush and brush on a few coats of yellow paint to give my gray dress sheets a bit of sparkle while still looking good.

You may need to add a little extra paint to the end of the spray can for this to be a little more effective. 


Now it is ready to assemble your gray-dresser. 

Once you assemble the gray-dressed gray base, it will look a bit different from the dressier you built in the previous step. 

The base you built will still be very similar. 


Now paint your gray bases in the same color as the dressermaking base. 


After you finish the gray bases, you will need to put the gray paint onto the gray cloth. 


Attach the gray fabrics to your gray cloth by folding them up into a tight knot. 


To attach the red fabrics to the gray ones, fold them over onto the red fabric, then fold them down again. 


Then, fold the red cloth over to make more tight folds and then fold the fabric back up. 16. 

When the red folds over again, then put the red on the gray. 


Cut out your red dresses from the red plastic and put them on the red gray dress base.