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‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 5: The ‘Dresser of Thrones’

Teen Mom 2: The Dresser of Westeros is back in Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey!

Now that the Season 5 premiere is almost here, the first three ladies of the series, Ashley Benson, Lacey Michelle Miller and Nikki Bella, have been revealed.

And while the ladies are not exactly the first people you would expect to appear in a ‘Teen’ show, they are definitely some of the hottest stars in the business right now.

Ashley Benson Ashley Benson and Nikki Bellini are known for their stylish looks and fashion sense.

While Nikki’s looks have been nothing short of spectacular on the show, Ashley’s are quite a bit more refined.

While her looks are definitely still getting the attention they deserve, she is not afraid to show off her body with some pretty sexy outfits!

Nikki Bella Nikki Bella and her husband Justin Bennett will be bringing their bridal style to The Real Houseswives of NYC.

They will be rocking their wedding gowns in the upcoming episode, which will air on January 18, 2018.

Nikki Bella will be wearing a bridal gown for the wedding, which is a gorgeous dress, which she has made into a pair of beautiful heels.

Nikki has been working out with some amazing trainers and fitness models who have helped her look great in her bridal outfit.

She’s looking so beautiful in this elegant and elegant gown!

You can also see the look Nikki is wearing below!

Nikki has a fabulous hair stylist, Ashley, who will be doing her very best to keep Nikki looking her very finest in the pictures below.

The bride will also be wearing some beautiful heels, which Nikki will be using to help her walk to and from work.

The ladies are definitely not the first to be revealed on The RealHousewives of NY, but we are definitely excited to see what they’ll do next!

Are you excited for Nikki’s wedding to Justin?

Are you looking forward to seeing Nikki wear her wedding dress?

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