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The New York Times’s “Best of 2017”

New York City’s most iconic wedding dress designer, Rachel’s, has a new line of colorful, high-fashion bridal gowns, including one of the world’s most expensive, gold and red.

This fall, Rachels will offer the iconic white gown, as well as a selection of black and white bridal dresses, plus two bridesmaids dresses and a wedding gown with lace appliques.

The new line includes two gowns with gold accents and one with a red velvet overlay, priced at $8,950 and $12,350.

These are the only two gown lines for which the new design team, led by Rachel Sasse, has already designed brides in the store.

“We love these new dresses, which are beautiful, feminine, and elegant,” said Rachel S. Sasse.

“And the fact that they’re designed by Rachel’s is something we think will go down well with our customers.”

The red dress, which is the first line, features a gold floral print, a gold flower on the skirt and skirt detail, and a white floral design with a pink heart on the back.

The red color is reminiscent of a red carnival dress, and the dress is $14,950, while the blue dress is a limited-edition version priced at only $7,950.

The designer’s latest bridal brides include: First, the red gown from Rachels’ Fall 2017 Collection, a limited edition of 100 dresses for the price of one.

The design is called The Red Dress, and it features a purple flower on a black satin bodice with red lace appliqués, a white flower on one side of the bodice and a red floral design on the other side.

It’s priced at a limited $7K.

Second, the blue gown from Sasse’s Fall 2017 collection, a $5,000 dress with a floral overlay.

The dress is called Pink Rose, and its price is $7500.

Finally, the brides of the designer’s Fall 2018 Collection, which includes a dress with silver appliqué, a red gown, and lace applique for $8K.

The brides are the stars of the show for this season, with a combined retail price of $24,950 (in gold, not silver).

The designer said she chose these two dresses because they represent the bride’s first communion gowns and the bride and groom’s wedding gowns.

The dresses were designed by the designer herself and are the result of a collaboration with the designer of Rachels.

This is the second year the designer has worked with the bridal designers for her new line, and this year she will collaborate with designer Kate Hill, who is the bride in the show, to create a line for brides that is more affordable.

The designs include two dresses with gold appliquements and a dress in a red lace overlay.

“The red and white dresses are very beautiful,” said Sasse of the dresses.

“But I also think it’s really fun to create something that’s so different, so new, so beautiful.

And I’m very happy to be able to bring the dresses into the store.”

The designer also said she was excited to be working with the bride on her first wedding gown since her divorce from her husband of six years, and she said the new line has the potential to be the most expensive wedding gown in the world.

“I’m really excited for this bridal line because they are really unique,” said the designer.

“It’s going to be a very unique line of bridal collections, but it’s going be very affordable.

It also has the advantage that the designer is very committed to this line.

The bride is also really committed to it.”

The new bridal lines come on the heels of the wedding dresses that the brisband had to buy at a cost of $5K each.

The brand was founded in 2010 by Rachels Sasse and her husband, Daniel, and is a boutique store that specializes in modern-day bridal styles.

It was originally known as Rachels, but the name has since been taken over by the company.

The wedding gown is the latest addition to the collection, which has already included one red, one blue, one black, one white, one lace and one floral.

The designers, who are from New York, are also responsible for the designs for the brims, brides, bridal accessories and accessories for bridal wear, and other items for weddings.

Rachels began with a collection of simple bridal dress designs, such as the red and blue dresses, in 2012, and then expanded into the jewelry and accessories space.

It launched a bridal shop in 2013, but has since opened its own store in Manhattan.

In addition to wedding dresses, the store sells brideswim gowns for brisbests, and brides can also purchase brideswear accessories and