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How to dress for your big day at the movies

By Chris Smock, USA TODAY By Chris SMOCK, USA Today More than three quarters of Americans are either unsure about whether to dress up or not, according to a new poll from the Gallup Organization.

The findings from the Feb. 12-15 survey reflect the growing skepticism about the health and safety of dressings for Halloween, with an estimated 6.3 million Americans unsure whether they should wear face masks and a whopping 12.1 million unsure about what to wear to Halloween.

A third of those surveyed said they have worn masks or other protective gear during the month of October alone.

The average cost of masking and other protective measures during the Halloween season is $75.46 per year, according the poll.

Nearly three-quarters of those polled (73%) said they are worried that people will not be able to afford the masks.

About half (49%) said that they would be reluctant to wear a mask if they knew it would cost more.

About a quarter (24%) said their fears are unfounded, while 11% said they believe the costs will fall because the cost of the masks is lower than anticipated.

The poll also found that while many Americans say they are concerned about the flu and the Zika virus, they have no particular concerns about wearing a mask or other costume.

Nearly half of those questioned (49%), as compared to 28% who said they would have a concern about wearing face masks, said they were not concerned about getting sick.

The new poll of 1,001 adults is based on landline and cell phone interviews conducted from Feb. 9 to 15.

The margin of sampling error for results from both methods is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

The survey also found the same level of uncertainty about the safety of face masks.

Half of respondents (50%) said the cost will fall as the flu virus becomes more widely spread.

About a third (34%) said there will be no cost decrease because masks and other costumes are more widely available.

The national flu vaccine is expected to be fully available for the first time on Friday, but more than a million Americans have yet to be vaccinated.

About 6 million Americans still have no immunity and will need additional shots to get the vaccine.

The Gallup poll was conducted online Feb. 15-17.

The Gallup poll is based in part on landlines and cell phones conducted Feb. 5-8.

The poll is conducted by telephone.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.