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How to wear a bridal shower dress and the rest of your outfit in 15 minutes

Dresses for toddlers and teens look stunning on their dresses, but what about a dress for a wedding reception?

Here’s how to get started.


Wash your hair and nails thoroughly.

Do not use your hair straighteners or use a styling product.

Wash it gently with cold water.

Apply a thin layer of water to the back of your head.


Lay your dress on the dresser.

Apply the wet dressing to the front of your dress.

Cover the front with a towel to keep your hair in place.

Lay the dress back down, lay the back on top of the dress and secure with a simple string.


Take off the dress.

Place your dress back on the table and lay it on top.

Repeat the procedure for the other side of the table.


Remove the dress from the dressers.

Put the dress on a flat surface and cover with a plastic wrap.

Repeat for the remaining sides of the dresses.


Attach the ribbon.

Attaching the ribbon to the dress can be done in a number of ways.

If you are unsure, look at your dress and ask what you would like to do.

Then, pull the ribbon up and through the top of your gown.

The ribbon can then be wrapped around your neck or tucked under your dress if you prefer.

This makes it easy to tie it to the end of your bridal dress.

If your dress is a little longer, you can wrap the ribbon around the waist and tie it at the front, if desired.


Attachment the buttons.

If the ribbon is longer, try tying a piece of ribbon through the center of the ribbon and through a button at the back.

This will allow you to keep the ribbon tucked into the center.


Attached the earrings.

Attachable earrings can be attached with a small ribbon or button.

If desired, attach your earrings to the ribbon or buttons.


AttACH your hair accessories.

If this is your first wedding, it’s best to get everything ready ahead of time.

Attaches the necklaces, the ribbon, the ear plugs and the bouquet.

Attache the earlobe clips to the earring and attach the ribbon tie.

Make sure that your hair is tucked inside the ear holes, or you will end up with a messy mess.


Attract attention.

The bouquet can be placed on top or on the side of your face, but make sure to be a bit discreet.

You don’t want to attract attention to yourself.

Attacking your groom will only attract attention from the people in the audience.

If guests have to walk past you to reach the bridesmaids, you want to make them aware of the event.

Try to give them some privacy to enjoy the ceremony, and not be seen.


Choose your accessories.

It’s best if you go with something that looks a little more formal.

A white gown, a white tuxedo, or a simple white dress with matching shoes will all work well.

Some accessories will make a difference for your look, like a pair of earrings, a bouquet, and earrings for your eyes.

You can also make your own accessories, such as a bow or necklace.


Wash the hair.

Wash all of your hair, including the tips of your fingers, at least twice a day.

If there are any loose strands of hair, take a damp cloth and wash them.

Wash off the excess with water.

Do this with your hands and let it dry completely.



Attitudes change as the day goes on, so you’ll want to be sure to stay in tune with your guests.

When you are in a position of leadership, it helps to have a positive attitude.

Be friendly and welcoming.

Remember to take photos and share them with your friends on social media.

When the bridal party arrives, you will want to have fun with them, but it is also important to keep it casual.

Keep the ceremony to the basics.

For example, don’t be too formal.

Dress up and take your time, but don’t overdo it.

Dress down and take fewer pictures.

The key to a memorable day is a simple dress.

Take some time to relax, make new friends and get ready for your reception.

If it doesn’t happen as planned, call your bridesmom or bridesday planner to see if you can make it work.

This article originally appeared on the Huffington Post.