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What the heck is mermaid dress?

Posted February 03, 2020 15:01:50It’s not just a bodycon dress but also a mermaid costume.

A video of the mermaid dressed as a Russian woman went viral in Russia, and a YouTube video has been making the rounds of YouTube users.

The video shows a merfolk, dressed in a white dress with a red bodice, standing beside a pool and wearing a pink dress.

She speaks to the camera, saying: “I’m here to make you happy, darling.”

The video has more than 5.5 million views, and more than 3.7 million views on YouTube.

Mermaid dress A mermaid’s dress, as seen on YouTube The mermaid in the video is wearing a black and white mermaid robe.

The dress has a long neckline, which is also the same color as the dress. 

“The mermaid was a princess and so she wore this purple dress,” the YouTube video says.

“And she was very happy, so she wanted to make everyone happy.”

The merfolk is wearing purple and pink clothing.

The merkin has a green hair, red eyes and black ears.

It is unknown what the merfolk was doing while in the pool.