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How to dress for winter: Nordstrom’s dress code

WHITE cocktail dress — or anything else — is on the agenda for a day when many of us will wear it in colder weather.

White dress is a fashionable and versatile choice in winter, but if you don’t want to be seen with it on your head, consider these tips to help you make the best decision.

White dress — in the cold, or even in the summer — is a wardrobe staple.

But how do you find the right color?

First, think of a neutral color that matches your outfit.

And if you’re in the market for something lighter, try a dark or neutral color in the mix.

White gowns and dresses can look great on you in the fall, but in winter they can be a little more subtle.

The key is to be creative.

Here are a few tips to find the perfect look for yourself in the chilly, foggy weather:1.

Find a neutral toneWhite dresses are a great choice for a winter look.

They’re light and casual.

White is also a great color to wear in the warmer months.

The neutral palette of white is an easy way to go.

For a more dramatic effect, opt for something more muted, like turquoise or a light brown.2.

Find your own shadeThe darker the color, the more subtle the silhouette and dress will be.

Try matching it to the colors in your wardrobe.

Try something that matches the dress you already own, like navy blue or a dark-pink.

You can always mix and match colors.3.

Choose a silhouetteThat’s the key to a perfect look in the winter.

You want to create a silhouette that fits the shape of your head and neck.

Choose the right shade of dress for your head shape.

For example, opt black in the middle of a black-and-white outfit.4.

Find the right lengthThe length of a dress can be the deciding factor in whether it’s a casual or a formal style.

Longer dresses and skirts are a better choice for formal occasions.

Try a longer dress for the formal part of the evening or a shorter dress for a warmer afternoon.5.

Look at your accessoriesA look that’s simple, yet elegant, will come out of the cold.

Find one that suits your head size and style.

A pair of matching earrings or necklace is a perfect accessory for the warmer seasons.6.

Make it uniqueWith summer comes more color.

If you want to make your look unique, it’s best to use different shades of your favorite color.

For the most natural look, opt to wear a neutral gray dress.

And don’t forget to mix it up with a brighter, lighter color in your hair.7.

Choose accessories that go with the color of your outfitA pair of loose, loose-fitting, or loose-fitted leggings or shorts can help you blend in with your outfit without giving away too much.

A black-tie dress with a white belt can look more casual.

Make sure you choose accessories that are the right size for your body type.

A slim, short-sleeved, mid-length dress can also make you look more formal.8.

Find accessories that match your outfitThe warmer seasons have more natural colors in the air, making it easier to find appropriate accessories.

Try pairing a blazer with a casual sweater or black jacket for an extra touch of style.

For warmer months, opt a black leather jacket for the casual part of your day.9.

Try an accessory for your outfitWhen it comes to the dress, the key is finding something that’s comfortable and works for your hair and neckline.

For those with long hair, opt white tights for a more modern look.

For fuller hair, choose black tights and black pants.

You don’t need to wear them all, but it will give you a hint of what to wear with them.

For your outfit, consider the right accessory that works for you and fits your body shape.